Are You Ready?

We can’t wait to meet you and see if our story together travels all the way.

We hope you enjoyed your publicist’s survival kit – we wanted to give you something to remember your Scheme adventure by as we think you’ve earnt it.

You’ll find below the plan for our time together in London. We want you to enjoy your experience and come away having learnt as much about us as we hope to about you. We’re sure you’re keen to meet your fellow Scheme finalists too so we’ve created a place here for you to say hello before we get together.

We’ve got everything covered (including your expenses) so all you have to do is pack your bag (we’re very informal here so there’s no need to dress up on our account).

Your very own Scheme buddy, who is here to help you, will be in contact soon to see if you need any help with your travel plans (we can book this in advance for you) and to ask important questions such as ‘what songs would you like to add to our playlist?!'

We’ll see you very soon – just don’t forget to pack your toothbrush!

The Scheme Team