Given the uncertainty resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve taken the difficult decision not to run The Scheme for 2020. We love The Scheme and look forward to it annually, so this wasn’t a decision taken lightly. We hope to relaunch and welcome new trainees in 2021.

Hello.  Welcome to The Scheme.

What does it feel like to see an author you helped to publish hit the top of the best seller list? To hear your friends talking about an audiobook and know you were part of the team that brought it to life? To sit in a meeting and realise you’re hearing about the Next Big Thing?

The Scheme could be your chance to find out.

There are many routes into publishing.  This may be the most interesting.

The Scheme is a place for new and different voices; voices that aren’t currently being heard in publishing.

Could yours be one of them?

Our readers are a rich mix of people.  Penguin Random House needs to be the same. Why? Because books shape the culture of society. They inspire TV shows, films, stage shows, podcasts and more. Yet too often culture is shaped by people who come from a narrow section of society. That needs to change.

Over the last few years we've worked hard to create a more inclusive and representative publishing industry. We’ve found new ways to break down barriers, both for authors and for future publishers - but we still have more to do.

That’s why we’re asking for applications from two particular groups.  To apply, you need to be from a BAME (Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic) community, and/or from a socio-economically disadvantaged background. You can find all the details here.

You don’t need to know about publishing to apply. You don’t need a degree or any particular educational background, either. You do need a love of stories and ideas, and to be excited by all the different ways they can be told.

The world of publishing has changed over the last decade; books have been joined by audio and video, online publishing and podcasts. Who knows what will be next?  Perhaps you’re the person to tell us.