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This is what it takes

For all of our Scheme traineeships, we're looking for the same five key qualities.

Each quality looks a little different depending on where you work, but we'll be assessing these five core qualities at stage one of the process, so use these as your guide when answering the application questions.

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When we get to the selection days, we’ll be on the look-out for how these qualities are expressed in the day-to-day work of each team, including one further quality, unique to the team, which serves to bring all the qualities together. For Editorial this is a love for ideas and stories, for Publicity it's the joy of making a story travel and for Sales it's an entrepreneurial spirit.

How to apply


Key dates

16th May 2021 Applications close.

By 28th May you'll hear back about whether you are a Scheme finalist

First week in June Record a video introduction.

By 23rd June 2021 We'll share which traineeship you'll be put forward for.

Attend a virtual learning and selection day for the department:

  • Editorial: 5th July 2021
  • Publicity: 12th July 2021
  • Sales: 19th July 2021

As part of the Learning and Selection phase, you’ll do some live virtual tasks, and some in your own time. You'll hear back if you've been chosen as a Scheme trainee a week after your selection day.

First week of August You'll meet the teams.

27th September 2021 The Scheme starts.


Please block out these key dates in your diary.

"It’s really easy to second-guess everything in the application process but I promise that there are no hidden traps.”

Sharika, 2018 trainee