Meet Arenike

Why I applied for the Scheme

I applied for The Scheme because I love story telling. I was angry that marginalised voices weren’t being represented widely in contemporary literature, and was interested in The Scheme as a way to disrupt the status quo in Publishing.


What I got from the Scheme

I’ve learned a lot about the publishing process, gained a load of transferable skills, have had a great overview of the industry and have been able to brag about very cool experiences like meeting Malorie Blackman at the Merky Books live event.


What surprised me

Forming such a close community with the other Schemers. We supported, challenged and made each other laugh loads during the six months. I love that we still go out for drinks.


What I’m doing now

I’m currently working in Marketing at the Tate. Although Editorial didn’t end up being the right path for me, I use skills that I learned during The Scheme such as proof-reading and project management all the time.


Why should you apply?

The Scheme is a great starting point if you love books and want to work around them. It gives you a support network that helps you think about what path within (or outside!) publishing is right for you. Through The Scheme, you get to meet and learn from a whole load of talented people, gain practical experience and bring fresh ideas into an industry that is overdue for radical change.


My top tip

Definitely do your research. Each publishing imprint has a different vibe and they work on widely differing projects – it’s worth scoping them out before applying. But your dream imprint might not necessarily align with your reading tastes, keep an open mind!

Also, if you identify as BAME definitely join Colour[full], Penguin’s internal community for people of colour.