Why I applied for The Scheme

I wanted the opportunity to do something entrepreneurial and creative, in a place where you can tell the stories that matter.

What I got from The Scheme

Tons of excellent training, a thorough grounding in editorial skills and experience, exposure to senior leadership across the nine divisions of Penguin Random House – and a bunch of friends.

What surprised me

Editors in some divisions can generate their own book ideas. You’d be surprised to find out how many bestselling titles have begun as casual talk over lunch.

What I’m doing now

I am now the editorial assistant for the Smart Hub at Ebury, where I work on exciting, idea-driven non-fiction books which tell us about the people and ideas shaping the world we live in.

Why should you apply?

There’s nothing to lose. Through The Scheme you’ll get the best entrance into publishing available, and the most support. And if you change your mind – well, it’s only six months!

My top tip

Book ideas can come from anywhere – whether it’s a conversation with friends or something you’ve heard on the news. Don’t be afraid to pursue those ideas.