Why I applied for The Scheme

I applied for The Scheme because one of my friends saw the Penguin ad and sent it to me. She’d been telling me for a while that publishing would be something interesting for me to try but I’d never really thought it was possible. I had no experience of publishing – I wasn’t even sure what a publisher did. She was persistent though, and I applied for the Scheme to keep her happy.

What I got from The Scheme

The Scheme gave me a complete immersion into the world of publishing. I came into it with no experience and genuinely zero knowledge of the publishing industry and so I learned an incredible amount. I learned about the life of a book – how an idea goes from submission to publication. I learned about the work editors do and was given great training in these areas, from presenting to proof reading. I also learned about how different departments, such as sales, marketing and contracts, work alongside editorial to bring together all aspects of a book’s publication. Crucially, I also got to build an amazing network of people within the industry who have made a career in publishing seem attainable and enjoyable.

Oh, and I also got a job.

What surprised me

I didn’t come into The Scheme with any expectations and so not much surprised me really. I think I was just surprised to find that this whole industry exists!

What I’m doing now

I’ve recently started as an editorial assistant in Ebury, a non-fiction division of Penguin Random House. I work on their commercial non-fiction titles as part of the new ‘Entertainment Hub’.

Why should you apply?

If publishing sounds even vaguely interesting to you – then why not! It’s a chance to find out all about how books are made, to meet some great people and to see if publishing might just be for you.

My top tip

Chill out, be yourself.

The Scheme team don’t want you to pretend to know everything or to pretend to be a polished publisher. Just think about what genuinely interests you, what you’d like to get out of a traineeship, and what books you’d like to see on people’s shelves. Your opinions are valid and enough.