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Why I applied for The Scheme

I applied for The Scheme on the very last day that applications were open. I was so unsure as to whether I’d be suitable – I didn’t have an English degree, I hadn’t read many classics, and I was planning on becoming an accountant. But I’d always loved reading, and six months sounded like the perfect chance to see if I’d enjoy publishing or not – I’d get to work at the biggest publishing name I knew, without signing my life away. It sounded too good to be true!

What I got from The Scheme

So much training! On everything from writing the best copy for the back of a book to how to pitch a book idea. I never would have had that opportunity in a standard entry-level role, so I’m grateful to have received it and to be able to put it into practice.

What surprised me

The variety of the work – I mean, it’s books, right, how varied can you get? The answer is very. On any given day, I could’ve been reading an unpublished manuscript to feedback on to an editor, putting together a moodboard for a covers meeting, or researching for a new book idea. I can honestly say I’ve never been sat at work bored; there’s always another manuscript to reach for, or another project to work on. It’s so much more than just your bog-standard internship.

What I’m doing now

I am now an Editorial Assistant at Michael Joseph, the division I did my Scheme training in. I loved my time with The Scheme here, and was thrilled to be able to stay working on everything from Samantha Downing to Jeremy Clarkson.

Why should you apply

Because the worst they can say is ‘No!’. I was rejected before interview stage for the internships the year before – if you don’t try, you don’t get.

My top tip

Especially for the interviews – everyone is intimidatingly accomplished, but so are you! Relax and enjoy yourself, it’s a great day and you’ll learn a lot. Also, make friends with your Scheme cohort. They’re some of the most interesting people you’ll meet.