Why I applied for The Scheme

I applied for the Scheme because it was an opportunity to get my voice heard and learn the ins and outs of publishing. There’s such a dearth of people of colour in publishing (which is steadily improving with the help of schemes such as these) and previously, it showed in what was being published. It’s so important to get the voices of people from diverse backgrounds into every stage of publishing to truly make a change; this was my opportunity to contribute to that.

What I got from The Scheme

I made incredible friends and learned so much more than could ever be expressed in a few lines. It was a really special experience and I really got to see so much of the publishing process and contribute creatively to many projects. It set me up well to be able to apply for and successfully get a full-time permanent job in publishing, which I hope will only be the start of a long publishing career.

What surprised me

The Scheme taught me I was capable of so much more than I had fully realised. It gave me the freedom to explore my love of books and put that into practise, in ways other people weren’t necessarily thinking. Plus that there was a lot more freedom and room for creativity than I realised. It’s a true collaborative effort to bring a book to shelves.

Also, that publishing is a sort of bizarre yet wonderful place with books galore – though, I’m not really sure why that surprised me!

What I’m doing now

I recently started as an Editorial Assistant in Hachette Children’s which is basically the dream (to work in children’s) and I couldn’t have got here without The Scheme as a springboard!

Why should you apply?

If you’re keen to learn more about publishing but not 100 percent certain it’s something you want to go into, or you’re like me and you’re not sure how to get into publishing, The Scheme is perfect. You’ll meet incredible people in publishing who care about improving the industry and will support you to be the best you possibly can and you’ll learn so much. Although mine was focused on editorial, it’s really what you make of it and there are so many opportunities to work on the things that interest you – in the way you probably couldn’t in a regular full-time job. Even if you decide publishing isn’t for you, it will set you up with key skills any employer is looking for.

My top tip

Really go for it. Put your energy into making the most of the experience and don’t hold back – when you have an interest in something, ask more questions and find out as much as you can. Your enthusiasm will show and benefit you in the long run!