Photo - Nile

Why I applied for The Scheme

I was working in a different industry but I had been curious about publishing for some time. 6 months to test the waters seemed like the right amount of time to decide whether there was a place for me in publishing. Also, the Scheme team looked awesome and seemed dedicated to making the experience enjoyable and informative.

What I got from The Scheme

An abundance of training and on-the-job opportunities to apply said training, books galore, and the chance to meet and work alongside brilliantly passionate people, both within the Scheme team and across the group!

What surprised me

That everyone loves reading and that talking about books at length is standard procedure  (encouraged even). It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was, and it was/is marvellous.

What I’m doing now

I’m currently working as an Assistant Editor in the Audio team. We work across all of the Penguin divisions and I read all sorts which is pretty wonderful. I’m always learning something new and I get to cast the voices for such a wide variety of books. Audio is relatively new and growing fast so it’s an exciting place to work.

Why should you apply

The industry will benefit from your input, there’s no doubt about it. New voices, ideas and perspectives enrich the conversations and the publishing. You’ll also learn a great deal of useful skills and meet a lot of fantastic people. And, of course, the Scheme team is incredible and will make your experience the best that it can be.

My top tip

Relax, you’re there because you’re just as brilliant as the people I’ve mentioned. They want to hear from you, they want to hear about you, they want to hear you. The Scheme cohort will also be a great group of people, and you’ll grow together, so talk to them and learn from them. And be yourself. Talk about what you love and what’s important to you - before you know it you could be working on exactly that.