Why I applied for The Scheme

I applied for The Scheme because I really wanted something new. After spending a few years (half-heartedly) trying to get into acting I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get a ‘real’ job. I Googled ‘creative office jobs’ and miraculously came across The Scheme! It was the first time in a while that I’d come across a job and thought ‘I can do that...and I think I might love it!’

What I got from The Scheme

For me The Scheme was all about learning how publishing works and seeing if it’s the industry for me. I’m now slightly embarrassed to admit that before I started, I genuinely thought someone wrote a book, spellchecked it, and then it just became a thing! I now have a much better idea of how this industry works, and know I want to be part of it!

What surprised me

To be honest, my days leading up to my placement were fraught with trying to remember words from GCSE English. I hadn’t come from a Literature background and really thought that would set me back. The truth is, when people ask for your opinion, they want to hear from a real human with a broad range of interests. No-one will be impressed if you manage to shoehorn the phrase ‘Deus ex machina’ into a sentence but they will be impressed by thoughtful and honest responses.

What I’m doing now

I’m lucky enough to have had my contract extended at Transworld so I’ve been able to carry on with my current projects while embarking on some new ones!  I’m currently working on a real range of books, from literary fiction to poetry anthologies. My absolute favourite project would have to be Shelf Life by Livia Franchini which is publishing in August. It was the first book I was involved with right from acquiring so I’ve been on its whole journey!

Why should you apply?

If you already know publishing is your thing, The Scheme is a way to gain a real edge at the very start of your career. You get great training, the opportunity to make contacts, and a team of Schemers who are a truly amazing support network when everything feels alien and new. If you aren’t sure whether publishing is for you, six months is the perfect amount of time to find out. You don’t feel under any obligation to stay in the industry if you decide not to. A few of us from the 2018 Scheme are off doing totally different but equally cool jobs!

My top tip

My top tip would be to relax and have fun. It’s really easy to second-guess everything in an application process but I promise that there are no hidden traps. If they say ‘dress casual’ they mean it. If they say ‘take your time’ then take it! My interviewers sat patiently whilst I gathered my thoughts for what felt like hours (maybe don’t take hours though). When you’re writing your application, talk about things that genuinely interest and excite you.  The whole process is wired to find the absolute best in you, so trust that you can just do your thing and the wonderful Scheme team will do the rest!