We've got 8 traineeships on offer in Editorial.

Editorial is a fantastic career for someone who loves stories and ideas.

You might be the author of a zine, audiobooks are your backing track, or you're the person your friends always come to for reading recommendations.


You’ll work on all kinds of projects, which might include:

  • Assisting editors as they work through manuscripts with authors.
  • Arranging critical meetings with Editors and authors to discuss everything from press tours to book cover designs.
  • Responding to queries that come in from authors and readers about the book.
  • Researching new book ideas or markets that could turn in to the next bestseller.

Plus you'll learn the basics that’ll help you start a career in publishing.


The qualities we look for in trainees are the same for all departments, but they come to life differently in the day-to-day. This is what they look like in Editorial:

You make things happen

For editorial, a story or idea doesn’t come to life on its own. It happens when problem solving, organising and prioritising pay off.  Working at the heart of publishing means that stories get told when Editors make things happen.

You’re curious and connect the dots

Editors are fascinated by what goes on around them. They want to find out more, especially when it comes to ideas, people and culture. They don’t leave it there though; insight is turned into opportunity and connections are made relevant. That’s how they spot the Next Big Thing.

You’re adaptable

There can be many twists and turns to getting a book published. Things change. What Editors set out with is rarely what they end up with. They have to adapt when priorities change, and make the most of new ideas when they emerge.

You care about the detail.

Checking data, facts, spelling, grammar, dates – editorial teams sweat the small stuff because they know it all adds up to creating the best book or experience possible. It takes patience and attention but makes all the difference to the reader.

You build relationships

Publishing a book means working with a range of people and considering multiple perspectives, from colleagues to authors to retailers. You’ll know how to connect with people and build relationships, earning their trust so they want to hear what you have to say.

Bringing these qualities together is a love for ideas and stories

Wherever they’re from, however they’re told. Working in editorial means pouring passion into every book crafted; being driven by the desire for the book to be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

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