The Scheme 2018

Applications are now closed!

Thank you to everyone who applied, what a response. We’re now busy reviewing your answers and will be back in contact on 8 June to let you know if you’re through to the next round. Fingers crossed.

If you missed this year's deadline - don't worry, there’s still lots of opportunities to join.  Keep an eye out here.

In brief, the three main steps and key dates to know are:

1. Apply online: applications open until 11 May

2. Attend a learning & selection event: 4 July in Birmingham or 6 July in London

3. Meet the publishing teams: 17 July in London

And in detail, so you know exactly what to expect:

Step one: Completing the online application form

Throughout both selection stages, we’ll be looking for the qualities you shared in the ‘You’ section. The questions and tasks set are designed for you to show off your skills, strengths and potential in these key areas.

For this first stage, we work with a company called Applied. You’ll share your answers through their online application platform, which is designed for fair hiring.

There are three questions.

Each question has a word limit which you might want to check before hitting submit.  Likewise, you might find it helpful to write and check your application offline before committing to it online.

Plugging into what’s happening now - which could be something trending on social media, or someone making waves in music or politics - whose story or ideas would you tell and why? Who would read (or listen to it) and how would you convince them to buy it?

What we’re looking to see: Your hunger to learn and a love for stories and ideas.

Tell us about a time that you won someone over. What was going on and how did you do it? Your example could be from anywhere - a difficult customer from the shop you work in, a school mate who messed around on your end of year project, a family member who needed persuading to do something.

What we’re looking to see: Your ability to connect with people and your adaptability.

What are you most proud of and why? How did you make it happen?.

What we’re looking to see: Your ability to make things happen.

You’ve got until midnight on 11 May.

You’ll find out if you’re through to a learning and selection event by 8 June, there's up to 40 places on offer.

Step Two: Attending the learning and selection event

Birmingham and London will play host to the two events. You’ll be invited to join the one closest to you, with your travel expenses covered.

Ahead of this, you’ll share a short introductory video with us via a digital platform. This isn’t assessed; it’s to help us better welcome you on the day.

The day is designed to give you an idea of what it’s like to work in editorial. You’ll take part in a series of creative and interactive workshops, run by editors from across the publishing houses.

Each workshop will be followed up with a challenge to give you a chance to demonstrate your potential to work in publishing.

After the two events we’ll decide on the ten traineeships and let you know by 11 July.

Step Three: Meeting the publishing teams

You’ll spend the day at our London offices so you can meet with editors from our publishing houses. Like you, they’ll be figuring out where your interests and passions might best fit during your time here.

You’ll get to see the kind of books and brands you’d be working on in their teams, and the people who’d be your team mates. You’ll have the chance to share your preferences before you leave and you’ll find out exactly where your placement will be soon after.

You’ll then join us on Monday 10 September.