We’ve got 8 traineeships on offer in Publicity.

Publicity could be the right career for you if you've a desire to see how far you can make a story travel.

Are you the first to know what's happening in the media, love organising events and know how to read a room?

Then Publicity could be for you.


You’ll work on all kinds of projects, these might include:

  • Supporting a publicist with an upcoming book launch event
  • Reaching out to journalists and influencers to share the latest bestseller
  • Organising travel so an author can promote their book
  • Helping to create press releases and campaign

Plus you'll learn the basics that’ll help you start a career in publishing.


The qualities we look for in trainees are the same for all departments, but they come to life differently in the day-to-day. This is what they look like in Publicity:

You make things happen

To create a buzz about a book, Publicists are both proactive and reactive in reaching out to journalists and influencers. They guide and coach an author through the exciting time of publication, implementing a variety of opportunities and events and responding effectively and pragmatically to solve any issues.

You're curious and connect the dots

Publicists take the ideas in our books and find ways to connect them with existing and new audiences. Their curiosity in the news, media, trends, influencers and networks means they spot opportunities to connect a book with its next fan.

You’re adaptable

Life is fast paced in publicity and things can change in an instant. Publicists are unflappable, respond quickly, and make the best of any situation. They tailor their approach to different people and their interests: from colleagues, to authors to journalists.

You care about the detail

Publicists care about the detail because they know the difference it makes to their books and to their authors. It means an influencer shares the best bits of the books, an author arrives to an event on time and a journalist meets their deadline.

You build relationships

Publicists are self-aware and empathetic, quick to build rapport and relationships with a range of people, figuring out what they’ll be most interested in. They know how to persuade and negotiate, and how to get someone excited about a story.

Bringing these qualities together is the joy of making a story travel

Once a story has come to life, publicists make sure that a story finds its audience. They have a knack for packaging ideas and understanding their relevance to today’s conversation. They love being in the know about media, trends and seeing a story take off and unfold.