This is what it takes

These are core qualities that we assess for in The Scheme. Each quality  looks a little different depending on where you work, but we will be assessing these core qualities with their broad descriptions at the beginning of the process, and then delving down in to what that means for each department at the chosen selection day.

You make things happen

You make things happen by getting stuck in. You stay on top of your tasks and admin by prioritising, taking action and by using your initiative to find practical solutions to any obstacles along the way. You’re tenacious about seeing things through to the end, even when challenges arise and take ownership and anticipate what needs to get done.

You’re curious and connect the dots

You’re curious and engaged with the world around you, hungry to learn new things and to consider all angles. You see what’s coming next, turning your curiosity into opportunity as you apply what you learn and figure out how best to make an impact.

You’re adaptable

You take change in your stride and can adapt to a situation as it unfolds. Whether that’s adapting your communication style to the person you’re working with, or reprioritising your task list when something urgent comes in – you keep calm, remain flexible and choose the best course of action.  You know when and how to flex your approach to suit the situation, or the person you’re with.

You care about the detail

It’s all about the detail.  You’ll pay attention to it and care about getting it right. You know the role it plays in the bigger picture so you take the time to make sure things are done well and everything goes to plan.

You build relationships

Publishing a book means working with a range of people and considering multiple perspectives, from colleagues to authors to retailers. You’ll know how to connect with people and build relationships, earning their trust so they want to hear what you have to say.