We’ve got 2 traineeships on offer in Sales.

Sales is a great place to work if you've got an entrepreneurial spirit.

You might enjoy listing and selling items online, have great customer service skills, or are simply curious about what the person next to you is buying.


You’ll work on all kinds of projects, these might include:

  • Working with retailers on an upcoming book promotion
  • Supporting the Sales Managers in critical meetings with Editorial teams to discuss where a book will make the most impact
  • Running reports to see how books are performing on Amazon, Audible and in stores. Drawing insights and making recommendations.
  • Doing research about what would appeal to customers in different stores – from independent bookshops to supermarkets.

Plus you'll learn the basics that’ll help you start a career in publishing.


The qualities we look for in trainees are the same for all departments, but they come to life differently in the day-to-day. This is what they look like in Sales:


You make things happen

Sales people succeed by anticipating needs, being organised and making the most of opportunities. They are proactive in their problem solving, take the initiative to turn ideas into action, and are quick to pick up the phone to make sure things happen swiftly to get books to customers.

You’re curious and connect the dots

Being commercially curious, drawing insights and spotting patterns in consumer’s behaviour sets the best sales people apart. They’re eager to ask questions and find solutions. They turn curiosity into action and use their learnings to get books in to the hands of readers.

You’re adaptable

Being in Sales means working on a broad range of tasks and each one needs a tailored approach – from sharing customer insights with the publishing teams to pitching a new book to retailers. Sales people are able to move from the detail to the big picture, and pivot quickly to meet the needs of different customers.

You care about the detail

Getting the detail right is critical when you’re at the forefront of our relationship with retailers. Caring about the detail runs right through a sales role: from being proactive at keeping online data up to date and accurate; to being on top of where books are in the supply chain; to keeping things moving so books sell smoothly.

You build relationships

In sales, connecting with people means listening to what others have to say. Customers and consumers all have different needs and interests, and the best sales people work to understand them, knowing how to build trust and when to use their influence, so that they develop and maintain positive relationships for years to come.

Bringing  these qualities together is an entrepreneurial spirit

Stories need champions, and Sales do this by creatively using information, resources and relationships to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. They’re driven by success, harnessing their passion and that of those around them to get the best results.